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Here are the official rules and regulations of the REAL Fantasy Politics Game. The REAL Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time without prior notice, although we will respectfully try to make all changes evident to those playing the game. The rules will govern how the game is played and attempts at abusing the rules may result in suspension from the game or loss of in-game points.

1. Each player will be given 100 points and 6 political slots. The slots can be filled with any politician on our MAJOR CURRENT POLITICIANS list. The points can be used to buy those politicians, can be saved, or can be used later to swap out your politicians. Each player can also select one candidate in each of our CURRENT RACES categories.
2. Players will earn points from the MAJOR CURRENT POLITICIANS passing legislation or accomplishing goals that benefit that politician. Players will earn points from CURRENT RACES candidates for those politicians accomplishing goals beneficial to their upcoming election or winning their election.
3. Players may swap out CURRENT RACES candidates at the expense of points (which will be listed) or when a new candidate enters that race, or when their current candidate exits that race. No swaps will be made within one month of the election or if the CURRENT RACE is deemed close.
4. Players may only swap their CURRENT MAJOR POLITICIANS at the expense of points. The final winner will be decided by the number of points they have, so this obviously has a major effect on the game.
5. Standings will be posted AT LEAST twice a month, however may be posted or updated whenever the REAL Team desires. All discrepencies in the standings can be addressed by e-mailing me at, however, the REAL Team has final jurisdiction over points and standings.
6. All points for elections or for political issues will be listed on the site in the section where you pick your candidates for CURRENT ELECTIONS or when you go onto the CURRENT ISSUES portion of the site.
7. All standings are calculated and adjusted by the REAL Team and are not computer-accurate although a variety of computer programs including Microsoft Excel are used to tabulate the standings. Because of this, we do not guarantee one-hundred percent accuracy or a standard time of updates.
8. The game will end on Inaugaration Day in 2009. A prize will be announced before then and the winner will be announced no later than one week after the date the game ends. In the event the game ends before that point due to unforseen events, the REAL Team will contact whoever was in the lead when the game ended.
9. The prize may have substancial value or may only be an online prize. This pends on the success of the game and the success of all enterprises within the REAL Network. Therefore, to recieve a material prize, you must be at least 18 years of age WHEN the game ends or have parental permission. If a winner is underage or does not want a material prize, a secondary prize will be determined. The REAL Team reserves the right to hand out prizes all the way to the 16th place winner, if they deem it nescessary, pending success of the game.
10. Have fun. Politics is serious, but this game is meant for fun.

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