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REAL: Republicans Enlisting Against Liberalism
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On August 24th, my first sound byte hit the airwaves on Kender's weekday radio show. You can listen to him, who will play my sound bytes from time to time, from 11 AM to 3 PM on weekday mornings. His show is on the business station of and he is one of several hosts. I don't know the other hosts, so be ready to hear someone else when its not Kender's airtime. All files here are .wav files! Some files are only available for posting as mp3 files, and can be easily converted through certain internet programs.

Click Here to Listen!

Click Here for Mp3 Files

Click to Get My 1st Soundbyte

Right now we are having some problems regarding uploading larger files. We will need a real website or a mirror site to hold more files. We have reached the capacity of tripod. My rant on socialism is now available in mp3 and wav form, just email me at and I will send it to you in a secure form.

Click Here to Go to Our Mirror (Has My Rant on Socialism)

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