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REAL: Republicans Enlisting Against Liberalism
Current Projects
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Current Projects

Want to help contribute to REAL? REAL has a whole lot of projects we want to get started on right away, and not nearly enough people to work on em! Some of these projects will require funding, others will simply require work, enthusiasm, and sometimes talent! Please sign up below to become a REAL contributor. Its completely free and it means you will be recieving e-mails from me about what you can do to assist REAL, and what we can do to assist the Republican Party.

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Here are our current projects:
REAL Radio: I have stumbled across a program called Teamspeak 2, which is mainly used to play online games and talk on it. However, you can set up channels and with careful thought and planning, we can turn a TeamSpeak server into an online radio network with dozens of REAL radio shows going on 24/7! We will post the info up on our site for people to download the free program and tune in to one of the stations! If you ever wanted to speak out against the left wing and you have a microphone or headset, this is your chance. The only obstacle is for a volunteer to purchase and set up a server for us to operate on.
REAL Website: This is only a temporary website, and if we wish to grow and expand online, we will want a real website. This will required someone to purchase the domain name and webspace. A domain name can be purchased through different websites for as little as eight bucks a year. I am not very good at technical things, though design and webspace costs are going to be left up to someone more tech-saavy. We will need a design team and a purchasing volunteer on this one.
REAL Blogs: I am already starting one called REAL Teen. It will discuss my view as a Conservative teen who sees the Republican party and the true conservatives and middle-of-the-road Americans as the only hope for our future. These blogs can be done easily through many different free website companies such as Tripod. All you need for this one is to sign up and start writing things that are truthful, effective, and of course REAL.
-- That is about all we wish to get done in the next several months. If you wish to assist in any of these projects, please sign up above to become a REAL Contributor and drop me an e-mail at --

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